People Say…

“You do *incredible* work!  I absolutely hate pictures of myself, but I can’t help laughing and loving these pictures!  They are just spot on WONDERFUL!!!”

-Walter H, 2015

“Oh my goodness Mhari, we love them so much, and your lovely kind words! It was such a pleasure to work with you, and we couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out. I’ve looked at them a million times! Thanks again for everything!” 

-Amber K, 2014


These are all incredible! You are such a talented artist. Thank you so much for these. We are going crazy over them!”

-Jennifer & Travis, 2014


“You were the true definition of incredible the day of my wedding.  Can’t wait to work with you again!”

-Maryam H, 2014


“You are really something else! You captured the HEART of Caitlin’s and Tim’s wedding in every way. I am so impressed with you! You have such a tender heart for the people and special times you photograph. Thank you for these beautiful and love-filled photos. They will be forever treasured!”

Kay (Mother of the Bride), 2014


“What an amazing artist you are!  …  You captured the full essence of our small celebration and made it look as magical as it felt to us that day!!  I cannot begin to express how thrilled we are with not only the pictures you made for us, but the addition of your sweet spirit that was there with us!  Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts…we will forever be blessed by the photos in which you masterfully captured our special moments!! …

…Thank you so much for your incredible talent & professionalism with our wedding photos, and for your amazing compassion & sweet spirit during this process. You have gone above & beyond to make our wedding memories even more extraordinary, and we feel so fortunate to have found you!”

-Michelle & Julie, 2013


“OH MY GOOOOOODDDDNNNEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE them so much!!!! You Rock! It was so fun to re-live the day :) It was the best day of our life!! Thank you for all your hard work and time…..we love our photos are cant wait to share them with everyone!!!!”

– Lindsey, 2013


“You made us feel gorgeous… Having you around felt like having another friend at the wedding. That was huge for us!”

-Heather & Brian, 2013


” There really are no words to express how thrilled we are with the pictures!!!”

-Catie, 2013


“The photos are fantastic and Paul & I are so very happy that we found you!  My Dad said “That she tells a great story” and I agree wholeheartedly.”

Lisa, 2013


“These are so great!!! And it’s so fun to relive the day by going through them all! We couldn’t have asked for better photos, really. So thank you! And thanks for getting them back to us so quickly.” 

-Nicole, 2013


“First, let me thank you for your awesome work. I (Andrei writing right now) think you did a super incredibly great job with the photos. You got the candids that made us seek you in the first place, you had plenty of ideas of poses for us to strike and locations to takes us to. You were on point for all those short, special moments and captured them artfully. You even helped out with moving the ceremony table and with the little bouquet throw mishap ;) (by the way, great instant of the karate chop bouquet grab!) Thank you so much for being there and putting your heart into it! We know it was a tiring day for you. We would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.” 

– Andrei & Minna, 2012


“Oh my gosh!!! I am having trouble putting into words how lovely all the images are!! WOW!! I can’t wait to get home and start buying prints for all the frames we got!! You are TRULY an artist at your craft- never stop photographing! :)”

– Katilin, 2012


“You are amazing. I seriously adore you!”

-Kaitlyn, 2012


Oh Mhari, I have no words. These make me so happy – I can’t stop looking at them. :) My favorite so far has to be the one you used to introduce the post, with both of us nestled in the grass. But really, I have so many favorites. I’m amazed by the way you captured Jim’s personality and true expressions, which I have never seen in pictures before. The one of him with Strider – perfection! I love all the dog pictures. I know they weren’t the most cooperative, but you were so patient, and the results are beautiful. We really love our pups, who brought us together in a way. At the same time, they won’t be with us forever, so it means a lot to have those images of the entire family.”

-Angie, 2012


“Oh my gosh! I’ve literally spent three hours today sifting though the 1043 photos! SOOO many to choose from… They are amazing. Thank you so so so much. I love that I have pictures of the individual families to give as xmas presents, too.”

-Cassie, 2011


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