Engagement Portfolio

For those of us who don’t feel at home on the other end of a camera, engagement sessions give us the time we need to loosen up and lose the tension that results from feeling “on display.” It makes being around both the photographer and the camera so much more pleasurable on the wedding day (especially because you’ve already seen how fabulous you look in the images that result!)

Click on the first image and scroll through these engagement photos one-by-one, or click individual images that catch your eye. Or, if you’d prefer, you can take a look at our Real Engagements page to view an engagement session from beginning to end.

Vancouver Lake Engagement Session 11Discovery Park EngagementSailboat Engagement Session 15Cathedral Park Engagement Session 5East Side Esplanade Engagement 13 | Portland PhotographyVancouver Lake Engagement Session 4Vancouver Lake Engagement Session 1Ballard Engagement PhotographyCathedral Park Engagement Session 4East Side Esplanade Engagement 1 | Portland PhotographyVancouver Lake Engagement Session 12Sailboat Engagement Session 20Queen Anne EngagementMarshall Park Engagement 9Under the waterfallDowntown Portland Engagement SessionBallard Engagement PhotographyBallard Engagement PhotographyMarshall Park Engagement 4Golden Gardens Engagement PhotographyGolden Gardens Engagement PhotographyGolden Gardens Engagement Photography

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