About Mhari

Hi! I’m Mhari. (“h” is silent and rhymes with “sari”). Like khaki. But… different :).

I live in the amazingly walkable little neighborhood of St. Johns in Portland, OR. I arrived here by way of Philadelphia, PA and Seattle, WA, so over the past eleven years, I’ve photographed lots of weddings on both coasts.

When my camera is not in my hand, I love getting my hands dirty in my vegetable garden (I think I was a farmer in a past life), adventuring¬†with my family, and exploring the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city.¬†I am married to a fantastically supportive husband, have two phenomenal children, the sweetest pitbull in the world and a cat whom I can’t keep indoors no matter how hard I try.

While I’m rarely on the other side of the lens, this is a snippet of my life – mostly taken with a cell phone camera. Go figure :).